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Entitlement Program

The FINRA Entitlement Program provides a secure way for firms to access many of the web-based applications, materials and services they use with a single user ID and password.

New FINRA Account Management System

The new FINRA Account Management System that firm administrators use to manage access to FINRA applications is available on FINRA Gateway. The new system offers enhanced functionality, a state-of-the-art user experience and performance upgrades, including advanced search capability, quick actions, inline editing, organization of information into distinct sections, enhanced entitlements navigation and descriptions.

All Super Account Administrators (SAAs) and Account Administrators (AAs) for firms that have certified or firms that have recently onboarded are granted access to the new Account Management System.


Following are links to additional information regarding the FINRA Entitlement Program:


For questions, contact the Gateway Call Center:

  • Broker-dealer firms: (301) 869-6699
  • Funding Portals: (301) 590-6500
  • Investment adviser firms: (240) 386-4848