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Filing & Reporting
To ensure the integrity of the markets, we help brokerage firms understand how to comply with all regulations and guidelines and when to report on their activities.

Transparency is an essential element of a fair and open market. But in a rapidly evolving market, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest regulatory reporting requirements.

FINRA helps broker-dealers stay up to date with filing and reporting, making regulatory compliance easier. We employ advanced technology to monitor the markets and regulated firms, keeping pace with the dynamic regulatory environment.

We have the resources, technology, skills and staff to help protect the integrity of the market. And our tools can help improve the process of reporting.

Form U4 in FINRA Gateway

An enhanced Form U4 filing is now available in FINRA Gateway, which firms will be required to use starting April 5.

Introducing FINRA Gateway

Introducing FINRA Gateway

Technology shouldn’t slow you down – it should make you more efficient. That’s why FINRA is launching the new FINRA Gateway. The new compliance portal, powered by FINRA's Digital Experience Transformation, is designed to streamline the FINRA compliance and reporting experience by providing a more flexible solution that can be customized to target your specific needs.